Ads on the Red Carpet

This year was nothing different from the previous ones: ads have entered the red carpet in Cannes to be judged. Here come the best ones of the most popular categories. And, as it’s worth learning from the best ones, we have made our conclusions.

You missed to follow the Cannes event? No problem, we’ve gathered the most important ones. It’s a personal selection, of course, but selections are just like this 😊


Best Commercial, Gold

Show them who the boss is! Basic instincts, in a bit different format, from Old Spice.


Women-related topics are important. Nike based a whole campaing on them, partly with the slogan What are girls made of?


Violance can be prevented – if we pay attention to the signs, as shown in the legendary spot of Sandy Hook. Look at the view number of the video! We hope the message gets in for all.


You can be a hero in many different ways. The spot of Donate Life is funny and heartbreaking at the same time.


Outdoor, Grand Prix és Gold

The famous Fearless Girl was made for State Street Global Advisors.



This campaign already had the Lion in the pocket when it was conceived – in the sixties 😊. Heinz turned real the fictious campaign from Mad Men. We love it!



Nike has created its Unlimited Stadium in relation to a new running shoes.


The microbanking service of TigoUne helps the poor to fill up their bank account by using traditional payphones ont he streets, inserting coins. Wow!


IKEA created another great idea: mounted cooking. There’s no way to cook more simply.


Who says football is for boys? Heineken football league activation.


How can air pollution be turned into something good? Tiger Beer and Air Ink shows us:


Cyber Grand Prix

Transport Accident Commission Victoria what we should look like to be safe on the streets. Graham has become a worldwide-know star since as the ’representative’ of World Health Organization.


Mobile Grand Prix

The mobile app of Recruit Lifestyle is a milestone in defining men’s fertility.


Creative Effectiveness, Grand Prix

During the campaign of Art Institute Chicago, a Van Gogh painting was recreated – in real life. The room from one of the best-known pictures became an Airbnb spot. Great!


Integrated, Grand Prix

Boost Your Voice, campaign of Boost Mobile, helped people in segregated parts of cities to vote. Their shops served as election booths.


And the conclusion?

Yes, there are. It’s evident that the best ads show how the reputation of brands has changed in general. All campaigns have something personal, what the community expects and loves. Social aspects are getting more and more important (women, segregation, smart philantropy, social problems), and all ads have a strong social base. Even if it’s outdoor. That is not just a printed platform an more.

Making ads is a great job, getting success for the brands. But only when the brand does not speak about itself, but leads a conversation with the consumers. Otherwise, it’s just wasted money.





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