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An enormous amount of consumer-related data is generated day by day, mainly due tot he use of smart phones. How are data turned into useful information?

MA: In the past, we only had a few tools, like surveys, researches and focus groups, to understand better user behaviour. Data management has undergone an incredible development, supporting us with real-time information, helping us understand users even better. Companies now have lots of information on their clients, so they may find it difficult to use these data in the most appropriate way. At the same time, the possibilities to reach the target group with more accuracy and to understand the experiences offered by a brand, are getting more numerous. Companies can use these data to win the struggle for the attention and money of users.

What kind of data can be used for marketing purposes, and in what way?

MA: Basically, there are three types of data that can be used for marketing purposes. One of them are information of the company itself, like website analysis, Facebook feedbacks, and information coming from CRM and other systems. The second group of data is the one arriving from partners, while the third is the group of aggregated information, based on studies, analyses. To be able to use these data for marketing, we should be able to define our aims and also the KPIs to evaluate the later results. After that, we should make reports on the results to be able to discover the necessary contexts. Following these steps we can optimize performance and do the testing – these will be tha base for innovation.

Using these data, can marketing be even more efficient?

MA: Good marketing has a high conversion rate. As long as a company can obtain new clients and convinces them to do what is needed for the profit, marketing is working well.

How open are companies to the concept of data-driven marketing?

MA: Client-focused business approach always brings profit. According to a 2017 survey of Adobe eConsultancy, done globally with CEOs and marketing leaders, companies are looking for partners who have experience in making the best of their data and in increasing user experience. The survey shows that 65% of marketing experts expect to be differentiated from their competitors by their ’extra user experience’ service, while only 5% of them thinks they already offer this kind of experience to their clients. What is really important for agencies like us that 55% of the leaders consider a basic competence of their agencies to be able to make use of the data, more than just a heap of numbers, supporting existing business processes.

In our region, in Hungary, in Romania and in the Adriatic, what we see is this trend is getting stronger and stronger, leading to more and more data-driven solutions, done together with clients. Even those companies that are not ready for this kind of marketing activity yet, are constantly creating action plans for putting up their own data pool. We are ready to share our knowledge, gained during our cooperation with our clients in our regional network, with them.

How is data-driven marketing incorporated into the processes of Centrade | Cheil?

MA: Successful companies, like Amazon or Virgin, offer solutions that are based on their relationship with their clients, not on the brands, as user experience gives a brand a personal touch. Recognising this, we’ve developed a business model on the needs of our clients, offering proactive and client-focused data-driven solutions. Our model is based on three pillars: people as the main driving force, talented and experienced colleagues at our departments, ready to create and implement new data-driven solutions. The second pillar is the way we work: we believe in ’always-on’ marketing, constantly testing and optimizing our solutions (unlike traditional solutions: being a mix of ideas anf several communicational platforms). The third pillar is technology: we use adequate technology to offer our clients agile solutions.

Centrade | Cheil is a network: what are the advantages of this format?

GN: Basically, the ability to share ideas and knowledge. Our company is forty years old, being present on all continents, with huge clients like Samsung. The amount of knowledge, offered by this huge network for our regional offices, is an advantage in the competition. We attend several workshops every year, together with our European colleagues to share our knowledge with each other.

What is your role at Centrade | Cheil?

GN: There are two main positions in our region with the responsibility to move forward data-driven marketing: the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) and the digital product director. CGO is a new position, created this year at the agency: the aim is to support the transformation of the company according to the new strategy. The CGO helps to harmonize the contribution of departments to reaching the desired business goal and to offering special solutions to our clients. The digital product director is repsonsible for creating data-driven strategy and knowledge pool, including the reach of an even higher conversion rate and the support of the business development of our clients.

What is the most important challenge in the area of analyzing and using data?

MA: The greatest challenge is to access user and partner data. Some of our clients miss relevant information on their consumers, while others deal with an enormous amount of data with no successful process to use these. Our aim is to help our clients to be able to find the best business intelligence solutions.

What are the main criteria of data-driven marketing?

MA: Centrade | Cheil has developed a licensed tool to measure efficiency, giving a new touch to agency-client relationship. This real-time data aggregation tool is called Campaign Optimizer, and, as its name suggests, it optimizes the amount of money and energy spent on marketing campaigns by following the whole process and defining a methodology. With this, analyses are based on relevant observations, helping to optimize the action plan of campaigns.

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