The personal side: our regional office

“Do you have a good idea? Great! What do colleagues say in the next room?” The most successful solutions are born when many people see it, add their shares to it and polish it to the perfect. We do not have that in another way – only the next room is a few hundred kilometers away, in Bucharest, Belgrade or Zagreb.

In the Budapest office of Centrade | Cheil there is not many of us: just enough to have the responsible for everything, the backup person for a given task and we still have time to give an eye to the cultural-industry trends. We are a compact office, working closely with each other. Until now nothing is strange, you can say. But we also have a real superhero talent: we can be at multiple places at the same time if needed.

 “Hello! Can you hear me? I’m calling from the Budapest office”

Because we are working at several offices at the same time for the same task, if the subject requires that. At the Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb and Budapest locations all tasks have a dedicated team. But we believe – and this is also proven by our experience – that if more people are discussing the same problem, we can bring a variety of solutions to it. So that these solutions come from similar colleagues, with different cultural background. And this is where our power lies: the wide range of approaches, standpoints and backgrounds are more exciting and therefore more successful than if we were to make it in-house.

Of course, we do not use this great collegial net in each case, but when we get an interesting, large, complex task, we’ll show it to others as well. It always works: we get inspirational and novel answers to our questions. In this case, it is a refreshing and motivating spiritual excursion to another cultural milieu, to a different area for everybody. Does it feel familiar how refreshing and glowing it can be to deal with an unusual, unknown thing?

How does a regional office look like?

At first, there is nothing strange about us: we sit in front of the keyboard, milling around at the coffee machine, we talk a lot in a corner, make calls alternately, look for the perfect playlist on the machine for the current task, doodling our common board. But there are signs: a contact list enumerating Bucharest and Belgrade office numbers is on the wall. There are times when we speak more in English than in Hungarian. Bucharest and Hungarian colleagues are side by side on our website.

Behind the surface, the differences are much more relevant than a home office. When a request arrives, a brief will be shown to the others beyond the borders: whether they had a similar theme, can they give you tips, share the best solutions with us. Many times, they get involved in the task, with ideas and social media solutions. We are constantly watching each other’s work, and if we find it interesting, we discuss how we can use that solution as well.

Coffee with four sugars and a túró rudi

Working together is not just virtual. Sometimes we have to fly to Bucharest to discuss a major task. Maybe our colleague from Belgrade sits in a car to share his experience with a two-day marathon joint thinking. As far as we are hypervirtual, personal encounters make the work smoother. It’s easier to talk to someone else, that you know: while you hang on the phone, he is drinking his third coffee, strictly with four sugars, without milk, as he likes, and you’re eating your healthy morning snack – túró rudi – because you just have time. Regional discussion – virtually.

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