„The whole industry is talking about consumer data”

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Flying from one regional office to another on a weekly basis, Mona Opran, COO of Centrade|Cheil is responsible for the sustainable growth of the business across the region. After one year of operation in Hungary, she talks about her experiences on regional operation – and many more.

What does regional operation mean for the COO in the working days?

Being responsible for the regional operation implies a thorough understanding of supply and demand (business opportunities and our talent pool), and a certain creativity in crafting the strategy for growth. I also dedicate a big part of my job to talent management, especially at the leadership team level.

 Centrade|Cheil is a unique, regional network. What are the benefits of it?

We are one of the few regional structures with a single management oversight. This generates the speed and flexibility in decision making that many networks lack. It also allows clients and agency to think beyond the geographical borders of their own country, to understand the opportunity of scale.

Clients see the advantages of one process and one company culture in managing regional projects with us; it is also creates clarity and defines responsibility throughout the region. In the same time, each country has its particularities and local insights, and we can see the beauty of being different and complementing each other.

How do you see, what are the growth plans for Centrade|Cheil Hungary?

Centrade|Cheil’s Hungarian office is very young one and already after only one year has proven to function well, responding to modern advertising challenges: embracing the digital language, understanding consumer on-line and off-line journey, and highlighting how to add value to client business.

Today we are the digital agency of Samsung Electronics, managing the day-to-day maintenances of their assets on different strategic projects that follow consumer interaction in an omnichannel approach. Of course we are looking to grow. We believe that our local and regional team have a lot to offer and we actively seeking out new challenges.

What do you think are the hottest topics in the industry today?

For sure the whole industry is talking more and more about consumer data. The days where one didn’t know what type of data you have, are gone. Now is about enriching and capitalizing on existing data in order to create differentiated growth vs. competitors’.

From client side, data is a subject larger than our industry. A company is analyzing (already) consumers data from all angles: marcom, R&D, sales, so we notice a strong shift towards real consumer centricity. Before it was maybe a fashionable thing to declare, now it comes by default when really using the data. Consequently, agencies partner with client in this trend. Agencies were always the voice of consumers in this equation. Understanding what data says about consumer interaction with brands on so many points determine a true holistic picture.

Omnichannel Approach or Total Consumer Journey are the most important trends in modern advertising.

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